The Power of A Promise

With their husbands now dead and her sister-in-law Orpah going back to Moab at Naomi their mother-in-law’s bidding, Ruth made a decision to not go back with Orpah.  Instead she “clung” to Naomi, “her promise” and made a vow to her and God with these words:

Ruth 1:16-17 (AMP);

“And Ruth said, Urge me not to leave you or to turn back from following you; for where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge.  Your people shall be my people and your God my God.” “Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried.  The Lord do so to me, and more also, if anything but death parts me from you.”

By honoring Naomi, Ruth activated “The Power of a Promise”, (God’s promise to her).  On the other hand, Orpah chose to kiss Naomi and turn back, in doing so she kissed her God-given promise goodbye!

Dear friend, when you and I cling to our God-given promises, hope for that promise is conceived within our spiritual womb.  A promise can never be carried to full term and birthed without hope.  Somewhere In Ruth’s marriage to her husband the, “Revelation of Hope” became the “Power of the Promise” of her Marriage Covenant.  Ruth knew that the Covenant of Marriage that she made was not just with her now dead husband, the Covenant of Marriage that she made was with God Himself and therefore lived on!  Ruth understood that what God Promised to her while her husband was alive, would now be fulfilled for her although her husband was dead.  Indeed, “A threefold cord is not easily broken.” Ref. Eccl. 4:12b. (NLT) You see, Promises from God don’t die, they will always be fulfilled as long as we don’t lose our hope and give up on the Promise, as Orpah did.

Though the enemy has contended hard for our God Promised “Inheritance”, when we keep our eyes on Jesus and follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit, which is a type and shadow of Ruth following Naomi’s daily instructions, we too will be led to our “Kinsman Redeemer”!  God takes great delight in seeing His Promises fulfilled in our lives because He knows that when that happens we too will become a catalyst of fulfillment for that same promise coming to pass in someone else’s life.  This is how we co-create with The Greater One Who Dwells Within Us!

In the last chapter of the Book of Ruth, we read an astonishing historical account of the genealogy of Obed, the son…”The Promise” that was born to Ruth and her, “Kinsman Redeemer”, Boaz:

Ruth 4:17 (AMP);

“And her neighbor women gave him a name saying, A son is born to Naomi.  They named him Obed.  He was the father of Jesse, the father of David [the ancestor of Jesus Christ].”

When Ruth clung to Naomi, her faith created the spiritual umbilical cord that would reach into the womb of future generations and birth, “The King of Kings, The Lord of Lords, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the Ultimate Kinsman Redeemer”!

Faithful One, it is time to CLING to your God Given Promises and follow through on long-delayed instructions that seem impossible to do.  God, Himself is The Power behind your Promise and He is waiting to deliver ALL that He has seeded in your spiritual womb so long ago before time even began!

As you recognize, “The Power of YOUR Promise” and step out in faith, realize that this is Our Time as The Body of Believers, The Modern Day Church to, “Birth Boldly For Him”!

                                           Where are you in the Birthing Process of Your Promise?

I have personalized the following questions for you.  Take some time with God and ask yourself where you are in the process.  Allow the Holy Spirit to illuminate your path.

  1. Am I being faced with a tough decision that I need to make right now?  One that could potentially take me in two different directions?
  2. Have I taken the time to pray about this decision and hear what God has to say about it?
  3. Do I believe that God wants to fulfill His Promises to me and through me?  Why, or why not?
  4. When was the last time that I experienced, “The Power of a Promise” being fulfilled in my life?
  5. Have I ever been the catalyst for, “The Power of a Promise” being fulfilled in someone else’s life?

*Mighty One of The Most High God, I want to encourage you that as you go through these questions, keep a journal and please don’t allow the enemy to discourage you in any way.   Know this, that your promises are “YOUR” promises, they may not look like, sound like, or even project like someone else’s;  that’s because they are not supposed too!  God fashioned you just the way you are, “for such a time as this”!  I can hardly wait to see and hear what your, “Spiritual Baby” looks and sounds like!  Congratulations!


© 2018 Clare Matthews – Boldly For Him. “All Rights Reserved.”

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